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5 Ways to Start Making Money Online Today

By on February 18, 2017
5 Ways to Start Making Money Online Today

With the rising numbers of graduates and the changing economy, job hunting has become a job in itself. Nevertheless for you stay at home and you are creative minded person who enjoys being your own boss, the internet has provided several solutions. It is no longer difficult to make money. A little motivation, that is the obvious need for an income, patience and determination within your self and voila it’s doable.

How to make money online

Buy and sell goods. Like any other businesses out here, there are several online platforms that enable to buy stuff and resell at a higher price. These include Facebook pages, Amazon accounts and even e-bay where you can sell the unnecessary or old stuff around your house. It just takes quality pictures and posting them with a reasonable price tag.

Freelance writing and transcription

This is the second and most common way to make money online. Writing is something you all can do. From academic papers, to creative writing and transforming speech to text. With scam free websites like iwriter, Upwork, Fiverr and even Kindle where you can write and publish your stories.

YouTube Videos

The third way is to make and publish interesting or creative videos on you tube. Recently there is a rise in YouTube artists making a decent living out of YouTube channels. Tutorials including cooking, make up, exercising, diy clips,dancing, funny animal videos and even singing among many others.  Here is a video on how to make money with…well…video.


This has to be among the highest paying form of online money making. It’s the easiest because you can talk about anything that interests you and benefits to the world. Find your niche of interest and write about it. It is easy and travels across many different people. Market your blog and attract traffic by good content and watch yourself earn.

Online Marketing

Lastly, online marketing. This is a gold mine though requires a lot of patience. It involves promoting goods and services on social sites like Instagram, posting important links on blogs and getting commission. This also involves suggesting products and services to people. The usual marketing except done online. The best of all is joining affiliate programs on different websites and promoting their products.

Even with the availability of the websites and skill, the most successful way to make money online is to be honest and patient. Master the skill and deliver genuine content and products to your buyer. Do it over and over and with time you’ll be making enormous amounts of money from the comfort of the internet.

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