Make Money Online

The Easiest Ways to Quickly Make Money Online

April 15, 2017

There are several ways through which one can make money online without any initial investment. Some people think that the only way you can make it big earning online is through blogging. However, blogging can be quite tricky in the initial stages, especially when one doesn’t have any steady day job. It needs a lot of determination, good planning, patience, consistency, good writing skills, and time.

However, as you struggle to build your blog from scratch, you will need to eat and pay your bills. The good thing with the advent of the internet is that, there are several activities that one can engage in to make some money for survival. All you need is internet connection and a good computer. However, how much you make online depends on the time and effort you are willing to put into it. Some of the online jobs will need you to have certain skills including good writing and communication skills in order to execute them. The most common sources of online income include:

Writing Paid Blog posts and Blog Reviews

For those who have blogs that already enjoy a decent traffic, you can easily start doing some sponsored review for your blog. This also applies to when you are using YouTube. If you review prominent products, websites and businesses, you can earn some money from it while promoting your own blog. You will actually incur no expenses at all if you are using free blog hosting platforms such as WordPress or Blogger.

Offering Article Writing Services

Webmasters and prominent bloggers are always in the lookout for talented writers who can generate new and unique content for their websites and blogs. Freelance online services platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, and many more can be a very good place to launch your online writing career. In spite of the fact that there are several scammers in such platforms, there are also very many genuine clients looking for talented writers and if you keep bidding for writing gigs, you will finally land a genuine client. Online article writing can earn you anything between $2-$10 per article depending on the work involved and quality of work offered. You can end up getting clients who have a steady flow of work and work with them for years, so long as you always follow their instructions to the letter and offer the desired quality of work.

Guest Posting

Guest posting comes with several benefits including exposure, traffic, recognition from search engines and credibility. If you get a chance to guest post in highly popular platforms which have millions of followers, you are likely be paid handsomely. But perhaps the greatest benefit from such an opportunity is the fact that, if the audience likes your post, they will start regarding you as an authority in your area of writing and some are likely to follow you to your own blog or any other platform, in order to keep experiencing more of your writing.

Offering Blog commenting services

There are numerous high traffic blogs which permit auto-approved comments, even though most bloggers don’t know this. The best thing to do is to conduct some research online and see how you can start blog-commenting services for other bloggers. Prominent bloggers will always be willing to pay you for the services.

Affiliate Marketing

This is perhaps the easiest way of earning some money online. You can actually do it on your social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter or on your blog. This means that you will need zero investment to get started. Many bloggers nowadays earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing while sitting at home.

Broker for Website Owners and Webmasters

By getting advertising clients for websites and webmasters, you can easily make some good money through the commission charged on the money the clients pay for the ads. Depending on how much the ads cost, you can make some decent earnings. One can also easily make some money by helping a person to sell their domain or website. Brokers earn about 10% of the selling price and this can be good money depending on how much the sale makes. People make up to over $10,000 in a single sale.