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The Blunders you Need to Avoid in order to Earn Good Money Online

By on April 16, 2017

The biggest blunder many people make when they set out to make some money online is to have very high expectations so soon. For instance, many bloggers start blogs and expect to earn money from them in the first month. Such people are likely to give up blogging within the first six months after realising that they are not making the killing they expected. Earning good money through blogging cannot happen by happenstance. A lot of hard work and dedication must be deliberately put into it before any meaningful results are seen.

Many read so much stuff about blogging, and get very excited about earning money online but never take it to the next step of implementation. Building a blog needs persistence and consistence, without which you can as well forget about earning any money from it. Figuring out why you might be failing to make any headway is always important so that you can rectify your mistakes.

Blogging and other online jobs which involve a lot of writing need a person who is passionate about writing. Writing is never an easy job since one has to sit for hours on end and do a lot of thinking in order to come up with original content. Using plagiarised content in your blog or website is the easiest way of losing followers and even attracting lawsuits since there are several effective tools used to check for plagiarism online and it will not take long before you are discovered. If you are thinking of depending on plagiarism for you to grow your website or blog, you better think again.

When writing for other people online, plagiarism is a no-no since you can never get paid for any article that has even the slightest hint of plagiarism. So what do you do to maintain the production of original copy for your blog? All you need is passion for writing. Passion will be the fuel that will power your quest to build a formidable blog even when you are not making money. However, the funny thing about passion for writing is that you either have it or you don’t. Passion is not something that you can acquire automatically. Therefore, if you are not a passionate writer, you can think of hiring a professional to do it for you.

When you want to make good money online, you must be aware of some of the common blunders that many people make. Some of the most common blunders include:

Failing To Put In Enough Effort

Some people might buy a blog and think that posting that occasional article is enough to earn them some money. It is not enough to own a blog and post a few articles a week, then expect to earn money from it. One needs to thoroughly learn everything about how to make money online and implement them. This also takes a lot of effort to get it right. Articles need to be written in a professional manner and be SEO optimised in order for them to drive traffic to your blog or site. Hard work always pays and being lazy will not bear any fruit.

Having a penchant for shortcuts

Many people in the world today want instant solutions to everything, including making money. This has made many people to develop a penchant for shortcuts in everything that they do. Some people purchase already up and running blogs or sites and hope that they will start making money from them instantly without putting much work into it. Some even copy ideas directly and start implementing them on their blogs without considering the type of target audience they have. A lot of time and smart work must go into it before it starts making any serious money. Blogging for about 3-5 months doesn’t make one a professional blogger. Effort and time are the currencies that buy success in online money making.

Too Many Distractions And Indecisiveness

This is one of the biggest blunders many upcoming bloggers make. One of the most common ways of getting distracted and becoming indecisive is by going after so many options of making money online. This will keep you hopping from one option to the next without giving enough time and concentration on any of them. This stops you from doing your best because of divided attention. Besides, many bloggers end up getting so distracted by social media chats and fail to do any meaningful work on their blogs as regularly as they should.


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Make Money Online

7 Best Tips on How to easily make Extra Money Online

By on April 15, 2017

There is no doubt that the internet has really revolutionized the way people operate globally. This is from the way they shop, the way they socialise and even the way they work. This means that it also came with numerous new opportunities of making money. Who knew that there will come a time when it would be possible to work from home and earn a decent income without having to move out of your house? Some people across the world now purely depend on online jobs as their primary source of income. However, in order for one to maximize online earnings, you must have some be equipped with some necessary tips.  Here are seven of the best.

Watch Out For Online Deals That Look Too Good To Be True

As much as the internet provides lots of opportunities to make money, it also equally attracts a huge number of fraudsters who are out to feed off the sweat of other unsuspecting internet users. It is always important to watch out for scammers who pose as potential clients or employers only to disappear after you’ve taken your time to offer services. Such frauds normally promise huge pay checks in order to entice gullible job seekers online. If a deal looks too good to be true, be a little more cautious about it.

Become a blogger

Regardless of the kind of business that you are in, each business website is in need of a blog. A blog makes it possible for one to post new content any time they wish to. This keeps traffic flowing as visitors keep streaming back for more content hence keeping your site at the top of search engine results.

You can also have a chance to create more revenue from your blog pages through affiliate programs and discreet ads. You can also get paid if do sponsored posts and reviews on your blog, which is a great way of making extra cash.

Avoid Being a Jack Of All Trades

If try to be a master of all, you end becoming a master of none. You need to just pick one familiar niche and that you are really good at and gradually expand it outward. It is very easy to get tempted to try your hand in almost everything online, including blogging and starting sites aimed at appealing to a wide range of internet users. However, you will soon realise that being a jack of all trades will spread you too thin. Soon you will be overwhelmed and be unable to optimize any of the many ventures that you are into. It is always important to begin with a single niche which you are more informed about and go ahead to become an authority in it. Only can you begin to gradually venturing into other areas.

Exploit the free social media platforms

The easiest and free way of creating a buzz around your online business or website is making use of social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. If you have more than one websites, updating each of them on a regular basis is quite necessary. Social media platforms can really push your brand recognition as well as drive traffic to your site within a short period of time.

Avoid The Easy Ways Of Making Money Online

For instance, ads are some of the easiest ways of making some cash online. However, they shouldn’t be your only way of earning money. Ads may be a good ways of earning some extra cash but you must be aware that each click only earns you peanuts and many website visitors detest those ads that keep popping up whenever they are visiting any site.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key in keeping your loyal followers hooked.  Taking a break quite often and failing to update your site for weeks will make you lose some of the ardent clients or followers. When you have a blog, updating it with a new post at least once in a day is advisable. Responding to nay inquiries and emails promptly also builds trust and confidence in your followers.

Have more than one options

It would be foolhardy to depend on only one online channel as your main source of money. As much as you might have the best ideas, putting all your eggs in one basket might be very frustrating. Having money trickling in from different channels can really turn out to be a smart move when some are not working.

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Make Money Online

The Easiest Ways to Quickly Make Money Online

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There are several ways through which one can make money online without any initial investment. Some people think that the only way you can make it big earning online is through blogging. However, blogging can be quite tricky in the initial stages, especially when one doesn’t have any steady day job. It needs a lot of determination, good planning, patience, consistency, good writing skills, and time.

However, as you struggle to build your blog from scratch, you will need to eat and pay your bills. The good thing with the advent of the internet is that, there are several activities that one can engage in to make some money for survival. All you need is internet connection and a good computer. However, how much you make online depends on the time and effort you are willing to put into it. Some of the online jobs will need you to have certain skills including good writing and communication skills in order to execute them. The most common sources of online income include:

Writing Paid Blog posts and Blog Reviews

For those who have blogs that already enjoy a decent traffic, you can easily start doing some sponsored review for your blog. This also applies to when you are using YouTube. If you review prominent products, websites and businesses, you can earn some money from it while promoting your own blog. You will actually incur no expenses at all if you are using free blog hosting platforms such as WordPress or Blogger.

Offering Article Writing Services

Webmasters and prominent bloggers are always in the lookout for talented writers who can generate new and unique content for their websites and blogs. Freelance online services platforms such as Freelancer, Upwork, and many more can be a very good place to launch your online writing career. In spite of the fact that there are several scammers in such platforms, there are also very many genuine clients looking for talented writers and if you keep bidding for writing gigs, you will finally land a genuine client. Online article writing can earn you anything between $2-$10 per article depending on the work involved and quality of work offered. You can end up getting clients who have a steady flow of work and work with them for years, so long as you always follow their instructions to the letter and offer the desired quality of work.

Guest Posting

Guest posting comes with several benefits including exposure, traffic, recognition from search engines and credibility. If you get a chance to guest post in highly popular platforms which have millions of followers, you are likely be paid handsomely. But perhaps the greatest benefit from such an opportunity is the fact that, if the audience likes your post, they will start regarding you as an authority in your area of writing and some are likely to follow you to your own blog or any other platform, in order to keep experiencing more of your writing.

Offering Blog commenting services

There are numerous high traffic blogs which permit auto-approved comments, even though most bloggers don’t know this. The best thing to do is to conduct some research online and see how you can start blog-commenting services for other bloggers. Prominent bloggers will always be willing to pay you for the services.

Affiliate Marketing

This is perhaps the easiest way of earning some money online. You can actually do it on your social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter or on your blog. This means that you will need zero investment to get started. Many bloggers nowadays earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing while sitting at home.

Broker for Website Owners and Webmasters

By getting advertising clients for websites and webmasters, you can easily make some good money through the commission charged on the money the clients pay for the ads. Depending on how much the ads cost, you can make some decent earnings. One can also easily make some money by helping a person to sell their domain or website. Brokers earn about 10% of the selling price and this can be good money depending on how much the sale makes. People make up to over $10,000 in a single sale.

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Make Money Online

10 Top Ways of Making Money Online

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Some make a lot of money online without doing a lot of work while others sweat it out for over 12 hours a day online and still make very little. It almost sounds like a fairy tale when you hear that there are people who make close to $1000, 000 a month online. This is money that many people can never make for decades.

People turn online money making ventures for various reasons. However, in most cases it is due to the security and freedom that comes with it. There is no price tag for the freedom to be your own boss. No matter how much you earn, it still feels suffocating to be answerable to some bosses who can be really hard on you at times. Making your own money online accords you the pleasure of making your own schedule, take a vacation any time you feel like as well as pay yourself. Want to try making money online? Here are the top 10 sure-fire ways of making good money online.
Create your own app

 With the quickly evolving technology, there seems to be an app for everything. Right from app for monitoring one’s health, apps to put kids to sleep, to apps for music; there is no end to the need more apps so long as an app addresses a pertinent need in society. All you need to do is explore unexploited opportunities and find a new idea of an app that can be useful. You might even have the technical knowhow, just discover the idea and get someone to make the app for you and then you register it under your name. People have made millions through selling helpful apps online.

Start your own blog

 Building a blog is not as hard as some people would want to imagine. All you need to do is to identify your pet subject and start writing on it. Just ask yourself what you can easily do the whole day even for free. Once you discover your passion, you can build on it as you grow your blog. Blogging can be one of the most fruitful ways of making online. However, it needs one to be ready to put in lots of work, dedication and consistency before you start earning from your blog.

Freelance online working

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways of making money online since it involves selling your services online. If you are a talented writer, web designer or you can transcribe, all you need is to register on freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and Crowdsource and immediately start selling your skills.

Sell your own eBooks

 There are people who have become millionaires by just writing eBooks and selling them online. Remember you don’t have to be a terrific writer to own your eBook and sell it. All you need is come up with a great idea and hire a freelance ghost writer to put it together. If you are a smart sass marketer, you can make a killing selling your eBook.

Make money from smart photography

 If you have a passion for photography, you can take great shots that can be used in all manner of businesses and sell them online. For instance, when making apps or blogs, the screenshots you use matter a lot in catching the attention of your target audience. This makes photography quite important.

Trade on Amazon, Shopify or eBay

 It is possible to actually sell your products through Amazon trading program – Fulfilled By Amazon. To make it even interesting is that Amazon will take care of storage as well as transportation for you.  You can also sell your products through eBay. However, you will need to learn from what those who have succeeded and emulate their model of business to hasten your success. Alternatively, you can create your virtual store on Shopify.

Make Use Of Etsy To Sell Products

 Etsy is a platform that enables individuals to sell their own original products. If you have authentic self-made products, this is the right place to sell them. The platform is a unique one since people love hand-made things.

Get work as a virtual assistant

Many people nowadays make lots of money working as virtual assistants online. The people who need such services include business people and other professionals who have lots of work and are not ready to hire fulltime assistants. You can easily get clients on freelance work websites such as Upwork and Fiverr and LinkedIn. Basic computer knowledge is all you need.

Use YouTube

If you love talking before the camera and you have any unique artistic talent, you can easily become a Youtuber. Talent can range from reading pranks, humour and even performing physical stunts. You can also create animated videos, in case you want to remain anonymous. So long as you create something entertaining or educational, you can easily start  earning good money on YouTube.

Sell courses online

 This is another booming industry online. If you are an expert in anything can you can make a short course and sell it online. You just need to prepare very elaborate and factual notes on a subject of your speciality and sell them.


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Make Money Online

5 Ways to Start Making Money Online Today

By on February 18, 2017
5 Ways to Start Making Money Online Today

With the rising numbers of graduates and the changing economy, job hunting has become a job in itself. Nevertheless for you stay at home and you are creative minded person who enjoys being your own boss, the internet has provided several solutions. It is no longer difficult to make money. A little motivation, that is the obvious need for an income, patience and determination within your self and voila it’s doable.

How to make money online

Buy and sell goods. Like any other businesses out here, there are several online platforms that enable to buy stuff and resell at a higher price. These include Facebook pages, Amazon accounts and even e-bay where you can sell the unnecessary or old stuff around your house. It just takes quality pictures and posting them with a reasonable price tag.

Freelance writing and transcription

This is the second and most common way to make money online. Writing is something you all can do. From academic papers, to creative writing and transforming speech to text. With scam free websites like iwriter, Upwork, Fiverr and even Kindle where you can write and publish your stories.

YouTube Videos

The third way is to make and publish interesting or creative videos on you tube. Recently there is a rise in YouTube artists making a decent living out of YouTube channels. Tutorials including cooking, make up, exercising, diy clips,dancing, funny animal videos and even singing among many others.  Here is a video on how to make money with…well…video.


This has to be among the highest paying form of online money making. It’s the easiest because you can talk about anything that interests you and benefits to the world. Find your niche of interest and write about it. It is easy and travels across many different people. Market your blog and attract traffic by good content and watch yourself earn.

Online Marketing

Lastly, online marketing. This is a gold mine though requires a lot of patience. It involves promoting goods and services on social sites like Instagram, posting important links on blogs and getting commission. This also involves suggesting products and services to people. The usual marketing except done online. The best of all is joining affiliate programs on different websites and promoting their products.

Even with the availability of the websites and skill, the most successful way to make money online is to be honest and patient. Master the skill and deliver genuine content and products to your buyer. Do it over and over and with time you’ll be making enormous amounts of money from the comfort of the internet.

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Working from Home

Making Money Online: Getting Started

By on February 15, 2017
Making Money Online: Getting Started

Once you decide that you want to work from home the first thing they do is turn to the computer wondering how people can use the internet to make a living.  The truth is that many people make their living working from home and using the internet to do so.  Beware however there are plenty of scams online promising you overnight riches.

However if you are serious about working from home, you need to remember two things.  First not everything is a scam and there are legitimate ways to make money online.  Second you need to keep in mind at the same time that making money online means you’re still going to have to put in the work.  It will require real effort on your part to determine which offers are real and the ones that aren’t.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on the internet.  There are drawbacks you will not start making money right away, in fact it could take months and you will need to learn some new skills before you venture into that business.  It is worth your while though as you can easily earn a 6 figure income.

Some of the benefits from working from home:

  • This one is obvious, you don’t have to leave the house
  • You can earn incredible amounts of money
  • You get to work when you want
  • No bosses!
  • You can travel and work anywhere with a computer and internet connection

Those are just some of the benefits of working for yourself from home, albeit some of the best ones.

Making Money Online: Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is evaluate your skills and goals.  What can you do?  Can you build websites, are you an expert on Microsoft excel or are you a brilliant technical writer?  Then try freelancing, start with Upwork or Freelancer, you just create a profile and then apply for jobs.  Even if you have none of these skills there are still plenty of ways to make money online.

If you lack the technical skills there are Microjob sites that require you to do small tasks that usually only take a few minutes and you can start earning money almost immediately.  The biggest one of these sites is Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can be paid with either an Amazon gift card or direct deposit.

There truly are plenty of ways to make money online but the most important part is taking action.  Get to the computer and start.

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